• 1A Subhash Nagar, NEB, Near Agarsen Circle, Alwar

Scope Of Services

Obstetrics & Gynaecology:

  • Antenatal Clinic प्रसव पूर्व चेकउप
  • Normal Delivery सामान्य प्रसव
  • C-Section ऑपरेशन द्वारा प्रसव
  • Hysterectomy बच्चेदानी का ऑपरेशन
  • Ectopic Pregnancy Management(Tubal) ट्यूबल
  • Management of high Pregnancies जटिल प्रसव
  • Infertility Clinic IUIनिःसंतान की जाँच व इलाज
  • Colposcopyबच्चेदानी के मुंह की जांच
  • Pap's Smearकैंसर की जांच


  • Well Baby Clinic शिशु आउटडोर
  • Immunization टीकाकरण
  • N.I.C.U शिशु गहन चिकित्सा इकाई
  • Phototherapy पीलिया के इलाज के उद्देश्य से फोटोथेरेपी

Other Services:

  • Anesthesiology निश्चेतन विभाग
  • General Surgery शल्य पविभाग
  • Clinical Laboratryजांच सुविधा
  • Pharmacyदवाई की सुविधा
  • Ambulance Serviceएम्बुलेंस सेवा

Our Services

Sahil Hospital focuses on both preventive and therapeutic aspects of child care through play activities, non-medical preparation and procedural support.

The extensive facilities are well equipped to cater to the varied needs of child and adolescent health care, be it emergency, critical or tertiary care. The friendly and warm pediatricians actively engage the children and help them strengthen their ability to cope with illness, treatment and hospitalization.

Our specialties include :

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Anesthesiology
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Critical Care & Emergency Medicine
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Dietetics
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Intensive Care Unit Adult
  • Intensive Care Unit Neonatal
  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulance Services

Procedural expertise:

  • Neonatal Ventilator
  • Adult Ventilator
  • Infertility Clinic
  • IUI(Intrauterine insemination) Available
  • Multipara Monitors (Phillips)
  • Cardiac monitoring (ECG)
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring (NIBP/IBP)
  • Radiant Warmer open care units – Servo Controlled Temperature Maintenance in Newborn
  • Phototherapy Units

Intensive care available for medical conditions like:

  • Gynecology – Hysterectomy, Cesarean, Normal Delivery etc.
  • General Surgery – Laparoscopic, Cholecystectomy, Appendix etc.
  • Newborn – Premature or Low Birth Weight, Septicemia, Severe Jaundice, Birth Asphyxia etc.
  • Asthma, Pneumonia, Respiratory failure
  • Critical Infections, Severe Complicated Malaria, Dengue Shock
  • Poisoning, Drowning, Burns, Insect-Animal Bites etc.
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Critically Ill Patients with Blood Disorders and Cancer

24 hours availability:

  • 24 hours availability of a competent and dedicated Intensive care team composed of neonatal and pediatric Intensivist to manage critically ill newborn and children.


Enabled specialists with world class equipment


Out Patient Consultation

OPDs act as a window to the hospital. OPD and Reception often influences the patient's sensitivity to the hospital and therefore we ensured that OPD services will provide an excellent experience to the patients. Our reception staff is well organized and professional. There are supporting staff at the OPD Reception they will help patients with information e.g. how to book an appointment, where to go. They will also accompany them if needed.- At our reception there is always a hospital member to attend the patients Who come for the treatment. At Sahil we are trying to provide you the best medical facility.The Main Reception Desk welcomes all patients, families and visitors to the hospital and gives advice/directions in relation to facilities within the hospital. All general post/ couriers in and out of the hospital are managed through the Main Reception Desk.



Radiology is an important part of medicine today, helping doctors to diagnose or detect abnormalities in bone and other internal parts of your body. It may also be used in helping to deliver precise types of medicine, or treatment to areas inside the body. The Radiology Department at Sahil Hospital Hospital is equipped with most advanced digital X-Ray 500 mA Allenger machine for accurate diagnosis of orthopedic ailments, which are managed by full time Radiographer having over 8 Years experience. Sahil Hospital also having facilities of mobile X-Ray machines, which help us to perform bed side X-Ray of serious patients.The Department of Radiology provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and interventional (minimally invasive radiology) services.



The indoor facilities include General wards, Deluxe Room (Air Cooled) and Air Conditioned Super Deluxe Rooms which are needed for categories of economic groups. We offer variety of in-patient accommodation to suit the requirements of all our patients. Nursing Station: Our nursing staff will attend you after admission to the ward. She/He will familiarize you with the room, the bed head panel switches and the Nurse Call device which you may use to call the nurse. She/He will also inform you about the rules regarding the tea, breakfast and meal timings. General Wards: We have two General Ward with excellent cooling facilities and other basic amenities. Deluxe Rooms: We have two Deluxe room with Telephone &AC Facilities. Super Deluxe Rooms: Super Deluxe room has Telephone,Fridge, Television &AC Facilities. Also attached bathroom.


Patients Guide

1. Patients will be seen according to the serial numbers entered or as per doctor instruction. So don't argue or disturb the staff to be served first. please don't offer any kind of tip. 2. Bring all disease related papers : X-ray, Blood reports, prescription, problems and queries etc. arranged properly in a file while coming for Consultation as well as inform the doctor in case you are allergic to a particular medicine. 3. Some patients will also be called out of turn to see reports / emergencies / admission / operation / VIP / old age / kids / those with prior permission etc. So kindly co-operate us.

Surgical care

Pediatric surgery, Pediatric Orthopedic, Pediatric, Dental, ENT and others

24/7 Resident Pediatrician
Experienced Nurses

Providing one-on-one care for children

International Standards Equipments

Ventilators, Baby Warmers, Monitoring Devices, Phototherapy and Surgical Equipment.

Laboratory Services

Hematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Blood gas analysis Allergy tests and Hormonal studies Radiology-X-ray Ultrasound and Echo cardiography